Universal AWVMS (Ute or Trailer mounted)

$54,980.00 + GST

Universal AWVMS LED The flexible solution ready for truck mounting.

When our Universal VMS was originally designed it was thought to
be transported on a flatbed vehicle. horizont decided to enhance
this design and now our Universal VMS can be equipped with a
chassis of a frame for Stand Alone Signs on request. This makes
the application possibilities of our Universal VMS much more
versatile. Using the chassis the Universal VMS can be transported
as a trailer – just like a common warning trailer.
By means of the Stand Alone Frame with height adjustable supports
it can be securely placed next to the road. The basic frame of
our Universal VMS is equipped with forklift shoes to facilitate the
loading with a forklift truck. Standardly installed eyelets ensure
secure installing of the Universal VMS with lashing straps on the
cargo bed

Available on back-order

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