Polymer Modified Bitumen

Description & Benefits
Bitubind AX18 has developed specifically for the asphalt/roading industry. It achieves the same results as a traditional SBS modified bitumen but it has some big advantages.

It blends in quickly and seamlessly into the bitumen whilst only using a low shear mixer to create a very high quality PMB (Polymer modified Bitumen).

This means a huge saving on expensive plant and it also means that product can be made on site anywhere in the country saving money and time on transport costs. Another benefit is that no oils need to be added to swell the polymer, thereby softening/weakening the bitumen – this is very important when creating certain asphalt mixes where stiffer bitumens are required.

High quality PMB can now be made on-site with small modifications to exisiting plant. This saves on storage, transport costs and delays waiting for material.