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Portable Kerb Ramp

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Wheelchair Ramps

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Description & Benefits

We stock a vairety of ramps from threshold ramps, portable ramps, wheel chair ramps to a more heavy duty model.  The Ramps are perfect for wheelchairs or walkers who require smooth access up kerbs or small lips


The Rubber Wheelchair Ramp is 65mm high and is ideal access up small steps and over small lips.

The Threshold Ramp is perfect for use indoors and out.  This solid, yet flexible, rubber htreshold ramp features molded drain channels to prevent water accumulation and improve traction.  Works great both on flat and uneven surfaces.

The Portable Kerb Ramp is made of durable plastic with an internal steel frame.

Heavy Duty Kerb Ramps are made from a high density virgin rubber,  these are very durable and being modular are easy to install and remove.  They Buy steroids for bodybuilding anadrol 50 maha pharma – solution buy viagra online bodybuilding event date lists. are filled with bolt holes which means the kerb ramps can be installed as a permanent solution or they can be used as a temporary ramp. They can easily be removed depending on your requirements.  The high performance grip means that vehicles and pedestrians will not slip and it also makes a good tractions device for getting vehicles out of boggy ground. It comes with bright relective sheeting so is both highly visible and attractive.