Description & Benefits

We have 4 different types of cable protectors which are designed for different environments depending on the amount and type of traffic.  Heavy duty cable protectors are recommended for environments where there are heavy trucks. Our standard cable protectors and warehouse Drop over cable protectors are best used with light commercial vehicles. The Office Drop over should only be used for pedestrian traffic in office areas.


Polyurethane Cable Protector

The Highway 1 PU cable protectors have been designed for Industrial environments and construction sites where extra heavy duty cable protections is required due to constant heavy truck and vehicle traffic.  The polyurethane cable protector is much stronger and more durable than the Rubber cable protector.  It is slightly more expensive but will last a lot longer especially in an areas where there is alot of traffic.  The cable protectors are easy to use and install with the interlocking dog bone connectors.

Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Protector

Running cables across driveways and warehouses where there are cars, forklifts, light commercial vehicles and pedestrian traffic can be unavoidable.  Digging trenches is an expensive and time consuming exercise.  Using Highway 1 rubber cable protectors, you can safely protect your cables and is the ideal cable management solution for the short and medium term.  The bright yellow PVC lids provide excellent visibility for added safety and the recessed handles in the base means moving and installing are very easy.

Office Cable Protector

Running wires and cables in areas that see lots of foot traffic is a potential trip hazard that needs to be minimized.  That is where the highway 1 Drop Over Cable Protector can be used to quickly eliminate the hazard. There are 2 types of Drop Over Cable Protectors – one for a warehouse and the other for a light traffic environment such as an office.  The Drop Over Cable Protector can be used from office environments, school, classrooms, warehouses, movie theaters, gymnasium etc to protect the pedestrians and the cables from damage.

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