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Highway 1 is a supplier of all specialty bitumen emulsion products here in New Zealand and into the Pacific Islands.

Emulsion Products:

  • Tack Coat
  • CRS 55 (55% residual bitumen)
  • CRS 60 Sexy upskirt at woman 31 – mature sexy female bodybuilding – spanish porn videos sildenafil 100mg my brother’s wife in hotel – naked bodybuilding woman – spanish porn videos. (60% residual bitumen)
  • CRS 68 (68% residual bitumen)
  • CMS 60
  • CMS 65
  • CSS 56
  • Bitumend Crackfix
  • Bitumend Topseal
  • Bitumend Waterproofer

Background Information about Bitumen Emulsions
Bitumen emulsions are created when bitumen and water are mixed together with the aid of an emulsifier. Bitumen can only be used to create roading products when it is heated to around 160C. This creates potential hazards such as burns and fumes. Bitumen Emulsions eliminate these risks but they do come with their own hazards. In New Zealand with our weather patterns if emulsions are not managed well and made to specification we can have other disastrous environmental problems. For example should it rain shortly after bitumen emulsion has been sprayed onto the road and it hasn’t set yet the emulsion can run off the road and down the waste water system and generally into lakes and the ocean. Not only is it a environmental hazard it has also ruined the road which will need to be relayed on the dry day.

Emulsions which are made with negatively charged emulsifiers are called anionic emulsions while emulsions made with positively charged emulsifiers are called cationic emulsions. Highway 1 supplies both of these.